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Virginia Drivers Getting an Education in the Dangers of Driving Drunk

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Tuesday afternoon saw the launch of a coordinated, and much-needed, public education campaign to drive home the message that drinking and driving puts everyone on Virginia’s roads at risk for injury and death.

The Virginia State police, the state’s chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Virginia’s secretary of public safety announced the Help Eliminate Alcohol Related Tragedies, or HEART, initiative at the state police station in Chesapeake. During HEART education sessions, instructors will invite participants to wear specially designed goggles that give wearers the sensation that they are legally drunk.

HEART joins ongoing programs such as MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving and the state police’s Highway Safety Challenge. But every effort to discourage people from drinking and driving–as well as to discourage drugged or distracted driving–is welcome. This weekend saw a brief police pursuit of speeding drunk driver on Lynnhaven parkway in Virginia end in the death of the impaired driver. Across the country, nearly 13,000 traffic deaths involved a drunk driver in 2007. Three hundred thirty-two of those deaths occurred in Virginia.

Accidents happen. Having practiced personal injury law for three decades, I know that maybe better than anyone. I also know that accidents are more likely to happen when people drink then drive. I am glad to see each new effort such as HEART to reduce drunk driving and wish it great success.

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