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Taking Your Eyes Off the Road Has Consequences

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Paying attention is a crucial part of driving. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to stay attentive while behind the wheel and wind up causing serious accidents. Take, for example, an accident that occurred in Reston, Virginia (VA), involving a car hitting a pedestrian.

A 69-year-old man was killed while trying to help a tractor-trailer back out of a parking lot when he was hit by an inattentive driver. According to Washington, DC-area news radio station WTOP, the driver who hit the victim claimed that he did not see the man standing in Fox Mill Road while guiding a tractor-traier out of a parking lot. But failing to be vigilant is no excuse; police have charged the at-fault driver with failure to pay full time and attention.

As this tragey reminds us, failing to keep your eyes on the road can have dire consequences. Not only was a man's life lost, but the at-fault driver is now facing criminal charges and could be liable for monetary damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

To learn more about the important of keeping your eyes on the road, read this consumer report written by an experienced wrongful death attorney in Virginia.


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