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Should I get medical care after an injury?

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One of the initial questions faced by the victims of other’s negligence is whether they should seek medical attention.

While the answer to this question is driven by the facts of the particular incident (i.e. the age of the victim, site of the injury, degree of trauma, etc.), early and appropriate medical care will frequently hasten the recovery from a personal injury. This is particularly true when one is suffering from a soft tissue injury. A strain/sprain often results in swelling which aggravate the nerves and muscles at the injury site resulting in pain. Once the pain sets in at the injury site, it becomes a self perpetuating problem as any irritation of the site will act to increase the duration and/or the intensity of the pain which will in turn limit one’s ability to use the injured area. In this situation the pain acts as a protective mechanism for the body as it causes one to reduce the use of the injured area which will theoretically allow the body to heal. Early medical care can address this cycle of pain, potentially reducing swelling early on, breaking cycle of pain and impairment before it becomes chronic. For this reason, we urge our personal injury clients to seek medical attention early, provide a full and accurate history to the physician, an accurate description of the cause and extent of their problems. Once a physician has been provided with the information concerning the injury he or she is then in a position to recommend a course of treatment which has the best probability of promoting a quick and full recovery. A delay in seeking medical care may allow the symptoms to become chronic and more difficult to treat. So, if there is a question as to whether medical care should be sought, err on the safe side and seek medical treatment. If medical care will not assist recovery the doctor will let you know; however, in all likelihood it will it will put an injured person on the road recovery faster with less chance of setback.