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Richmond Woman Charged in DUI Crash That Killed Bartender

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A woman from Richmond VA was charged with DUI in a crash in Henrico County that killed a bartender at a popular restaurant in Church Hill. 

The crash happened on Sept. 20 at approximately 2:45 AM when a Chevrolet van ran off of Osborne Turnkpike into a ditch at River Bend Estates Drive. A female was driving and the bartender was a passenger. He was ejected from the van and died at the hospital later.


The van driver was not seriously hurt in the suspected DUI crash and has been released on bond.

Our View

As drunk driving attorneys who see many cases that end with terrible personal injury and death, we want all drivers to know that it is completely unacceptable to drink and drive. More than 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving every year, and thousands of people die in drunk driving crashes each year. 

As the years go by, the criminal penalties for DUI are getting more severe in most states. In addition, you also can be sued in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit if you injure or kill someone in a drunk driving incident.

We hope that the family of the deceased bartender will consider a wrongful death lawsuit against the van driver in this case. They could be entitled to compensation for his lost wages and for their pain and suffering.