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Personal Injury Or Death Caused By Drunk Driving/DUI/DWI in VA,WV,NC,SC

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I posted a series of articles on our law firm’s home website, exploring Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV) and North/South Carolina (NC/SC) personal injury or wrongful death car accident cases where the damage is caused by a drunk driver/drunk driving/DUI/DWI. One excerpt from the main article:

When our clients or their family members are injured (or killed) by acts of a drunk driver/drunk driving, there are numerous special circumstances that our personal injury lawyers will examine. Our goal in a DUI/DWI/drunk driving case is to find all applicable insurance recovery sources, and recover personal injury compensation for all types of losses, including medical bills, lost wages, permanent injuries, pain, suffering, scars and all other expenses that resulted from a DUI/DWI/alcohol or drug impaired car accident.

In drunk driving/DUI/DWI cases, we can sometimes bring a claim for punitive damages. This is “punishment” compensation that arises out of the grossly negligent or egregiously bad acts by a drunk driver.

To learn how alcohol or impaired driving evidence is properly utilized read the series of articles relating to VA, WV, NC, and SC drunk driving causing personal injuries.