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Passenger Killed in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) Car Wreck

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Operating a Vehicle
Operating a vehicle is an important task. When you get behind the wheel not only is your own safety potentially at risk, but the lives of countless others as well. Accidents can occur purely by accident. Accidents can also occur, however, because of reckless driving or driving under the influence.

Accident Details
An adult male died at the scene of a single-vehicle crash that occurred recently on the 200 block of Ballahack Road. Police said the vehicle was traveling east on Ballahack Road around five p.m., when it overturned and the occupants of the vehicle were trapped. The driver of the vehicle was taken to Chesapeake Medical Center following the crash. It was unknown if speed or alcohol were factors in the crash. Police did not know whether seat belts were being worn at the time. Investigators were also at the scene trying to figure out how the crash happened.

According to a Chesapeake police news release, the driver’s injuries were not considered life-threatening. No additional details about the crash were released and the name of the man who died was not being released until his family could be notified.

The cause of this accident is unknown, but it demonstrates how dangerous driving can be. People drive every day and they need to focus each and every time they get behind the wheel. Doing so can decrease the chance of an accident occurring. You cannot control others who might drive negligently or under the influence. You can, however, ensure that you are not contributing to dangerous conditions on the road.

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