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Midlothian VA Man Dies in Suspected DUI Crash

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A Midlothian, Virginia man died on December 27 when a car crossed the median and slammed into his vehicle head on. 

The Virginia State Police stated that a Chevrolet pickup truck was going south on Route 299 in Chesterfield County crossed over the median into the northbound lanes. The pickup slammed into a Cadillac, killing the second driver.


The driver of the pickup truck was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Police say that alcohol is probably a factor in the crash. The pickup truck driver has previous DUI charges. Charges are pending.

Our View

More than 11,000 people die in drunk driving crashes every year in the US. These deaths are needless and should never happen. It is for that reason that our Virginia and North Carolina drunk driving personal injury law firm works hard to obtain financial justice for the victims of drunk driving.

In a car accident where the drunk driver kills another person, the family of the deceased often files a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain compensation from the drunk driver. If the driver has no assets, money still can be collected in many cases from various insurance policies, including the policy of the deceased.

Our drunk driving attorneys strive to provide as much compensation for the grieving family in these tragic North Carolina drunk driving crashes. Not only does the family usually need the money to continue to make ends meet; the wrongful death settlement or verdict usually provides millions of dollars and that serves as a reminder to the public to not drink and drive.

The above case could result in a large award that may include punitive damages, given that the driver has been convicted of DUI before.