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Interstate 64 (I64) is Often the Scene of Car Accidents Says Norfolk, Virginia (VA) Lawyer, John Cooper

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The variable speed of traffic on the highway, going from 70 miles per hour down to 25 miles per hour or stopping for no apparent reason, is often the cause of car crashes. Drivers may not be paying enough attention to be ready to react to the sudden slow down of other vehicles. Often, a rear-end collision is the result of motorists following too close. This problem of being hit from behind is especially serious on busy urban highways like Interstate 64 (I64) which passes through Hampton, Newport News and Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) on the way between my hometown of Norfolk and the Richmond Circuit Court where I often have hearings in my personal injury practice.

Keep your spacing good between the cars in front of and behind you, if possible, to avoid being a part of a chain reaction collision. Always be ready for the traffic to slow down to a crawl or even fully stop, especially in those places where multiple lanes reduce to a lower number of through lanes.