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GPS Technology to Blame for Crashes

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You know those stories we secretly like to chuckle over, about people driving into yards or fountains or even buildings because their GPS told them to? Well, the stories are getting less and less funny; some even result in fatalities, reports MSNBC.

GPS was a tool that was supposed to make driving in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and all of Virginia (VA) safer, with less missed streets, and unnecessary u-turns, allowing drivers to concentrate on the road. Driver distraction plays a role in 8 out of every 10 car accidents in North America, according to the IBC. That equates to four million accidents. That means over four million people have their lives detrimentally affected by distractions while on the road; far too many in this lawyer’s opinion.

But how widespread is this problem really? And what can drivers do to prevent being guided down the wrong path?

A recent story tells of an elderly British couple who, when touring Germany, plowed into the side of a village church because of flawed instructions from their GPS — the fatalities are few and far between. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem, and something every user needs to be aware of, especially now that more and more navigation is done using smart phones.

The moral of the story should be that GPS is a tool or an assistant to your driving, but should not be the sole focus of your attention.


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