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Farm Trucks Can Cause Serious Injuries

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My law partner, John Cooper, an experienced automobile accident lawyer, makes a good point in an article he recently wrote about wrecks involving farming equipment in Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC). Some trucks and motor vehicles used by farmers on the regular highways and roads are not kept in the best condition. For example, our lawyers handled a case in North Carolina where a farm truck had a tire blow out that caused it to go out of control and smash into another motorist. Crippling injuries and the loss of the person’s job were the result. Our investigation of the accident proved that the farmer had defective equipment on this vehicle including bald and worn tires that were the cause of the blowout and collision. Part of the problem is that these farm trucks are often off the road as well as ridden on the public highway, so that they are exposed to a lot of rough conditions and wear that affect the tires different from regular passenger cars’ wear patterns. When neglected farm equipment is sharing the road with everyone else, there is always the risk that there can be a tragic result causing injury or even death.