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Drunk Driver Kills Tow Truck Driver on I-64

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A drunk driver claimed another life Sunday night on westbound I-64 in Newport News.

A tow truck operator was struck near the Victory Boulevard exit by another driver whose pickup truck ran onto the shoulder where the tow truck operator was hooking up a disabled Plymouth van. According to the Daily Press, the tow truck operator would have celebrated his 37th birthday this week.

Police confirmed that alcohol played a role in causing the pickup’s driver to steer his pickup off the roadway.

While accidents involving towed vehicles are more common, tow truck operators take great risks when they find it necessary to work on the side of highways. For this reason, the Towing and Recovery Association of America alerts its members that the Federal Highway Administration requires all roadside workers to wear high-visibility vests and take other precautions to alert drivers to their presence.

The tow truck operator did have his wrecker’s flashers on and rooftop lights going. Virginia also has a “move over” law that requires drivers to change lanes or slow down when approaching emergency roadside work. Neither provided enough protection against a drunk driver in this instance. My thoughts go out to the the tow truck operator’s family.

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