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9 Year Old Girl Dies in South Carolina DUI Crash

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The South Carolina State Police reported Oct. 23 that a nine-year old girl died in a multiple vehicle crash that involved a drunk driver. 

Six people were taken to a local hospital with minor to serious injuries after the DUI crash in North Charleston, South Carolina.


Just before 6 in the evening on Saturday, police responded to a serious accident involving several cars and trucks on I-26 in North Charleston. The nine year old girl was dead at the scene of the accident.

The drunk driver has been charged with felony DUI involving death and reckless homicide.

Our View

Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury attorneys only sue drunk drivers; we do not represent them in court. Our goal in DUI wrongful death cases is to both punish the convicted drunk driver and to find every possible source of insurance money to help the family to receive as much compensation as they can. 

Our personal injury lawyers attempt to get maximum compensation for pain and suffering, funeral expenses, lost future wages and loss of consortium.

For the worst drunk driving cases, we may demand punitive damages as well. We do our utmost to prove that the drunk driver was grossly negligent.

Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in suing drunk drivers, so if you have any questions about a case where you or a loved one was injured or killed, please let us know.