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5 Year-Old Girl Dies in Rear End Crash on I-66 in Virginia

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A five year old girl was killed in a rear end crash involving several vehicles in Price William County VA on I-66 on Aug. 14. 

According to the Virginia State Police, the child was a rear passenger in a Chevrolet Cobalt that was rear ended in traffic on the interstate by a Nissan pickup truck. The police stated that as west bound traffic was slowing in a work zone, the Nissan failed to brake in time and slammed into the Cobalt at high speed. The Chevrolet then slammed into the car in front of it.


The driver of the Chevy and another passenger were injured and taken to a local hospital. The child died at the scene.

Our View

Our hearts go out to the family of the child killed in this terrible rear end crash in Virginia. There are far too many rear end accidents that occur on our highways. Most of them are due to drivers not paying attention to what they are doing, whether they are playing with a cell phone or are distracted by something else.

It is really important for drivers to pay close attention to the road when driving on the highway and watch for stopped traffic. Rear end crashes are almost always caused by driver error and should never happen. We hope that in a few years, all new vehicles will be equipped with automatic braking technology so that these types of crashes no longer happen.

Anyone who is injured in a rear end crash or loses a loved one should remember to check out their legal options. If the driver who did not brake in time is found liable, he or she could be sued in civil court for hundreds of thousands of dollars.