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10 Out of 11 Subcompact Mini Cars Fail Safety Test

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Mini cars (subcompact) might be cute, but according to a new study done by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, known for its automobile crash tests, only one mini car out of 11 passed its overlap front crash test.  What is an overlap front crash?  It’s when the front of the car strikes something only 25% of the area of the front end, like a telephone pole, or a tree.  What happens next can be scary.  Seven of the mini cars were given poor marks for allowing occupants too much forward motion in the event of a crash. In some, the safety belts functioned poorly. In others, the crash dummy’s head missed or slid off of the airbag.

What’s the point of an airbag if your head doesn’t land on it?  As Virginia car accident attorneys we have seen many cases of Traumatic brain injuries caused by car accidents.  This injury is very serious and can change the lives of individuals and families in an instant.  TBI can cause long-term and permanent health issues, memory problems, and both mental and physical limitations. TBI injuries are caused by car accidents (28%) of the time.

The winner, if you can call it that, the Chevrolet Spark, passed the overlap front crash test and made it through the organization’s four other crash evaluations to earn a 2014 Top Safety Pick award.  But that doesn’t necessarily make it safe, just safer than the other cars.  IIHS said regardless of its rating, consumers might think twice about buying a Spark. The car tested well against a barrier, but it weighs only 2,500 pounds.  The average car weighs nearly twice as much at 4,000 pounds.  Auto accident injuries and fatalities may very well continue to rise as more of these sub-compact cars flood the roadways.